Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alaska in the fall

Ten days in confined spaces is the ultimate test of a friendship. Between contracts, and waiting for the school year to begin, I jumped in a friend's car with Cheryl and beelined it up to Alaska. Stealing a tarp on the way from a friend's relatives (mostly accidental) we made it as far as the Kenai Peninsula and while raining its guts out, we were able to appreciate our three non-rain days.    

I even slept on a picnic table in the Yukon on a rare clear night and let the stars be my blankie. Other highlights include being RIGHTTHERE when a humpback popped up beside the boat, and seeing a glacier calve. Whoa. Throw in some g-bears snacking on various stages of dying salmon, hilarious locals that ensured our pints weren't empty for long and stunning, dramatic scenery and we were two happy, if occasionally/consistently soggy, Canadians.