Monday, March 14, 2011

Leaving Asia

I knew it was time to leave Asia because:

Rotting trash mixed with raw sewage fumes was beginning to arouse me

I'd made it though five months without a single hospital visit

My clothes and other equipment were deteriorating and malfunctioning

LP guidebook had been used as a pillow, sunscreen, dating tool

I can sleep in bus aisles going around hairpin turns, a hostel with an en suite open-air toilet that a Rhea-stricken individual is relieving themselves in and on bags of rice next to squawking chickens

I like sleeping on bag of rice (Product of Thailand stamped on the bag) in Laos

Shaving my head (and not my legs) sounds like a good idea - and I'm a girl

I've overtaken an elephant on a shitty, dodgy push bike

A travelmatey has had a Larium-based halucination

The Rhea got me, leeches devoured me and moz have constellationed my bod

Buckets are an very acceptable unit of alcohol

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Philippines photos

Asia has been serving up one surprise after another and the Philippines is no exception. Blessed with natural beauty on the salt water and terra firma front, four Canadians have been more than entertained and mesmerized. From Donsol's whale sharks to a campy Serbian model in Banaue to getting wrecked in Coron to Sabang's tatty sexpats and stunning diving to barely offshore turtles to bioluminescent plankton, our diving logbooks and camera have been full.

This trip is wrapping up and I will be back in Canada with the week. I'm ready because I have to be, but not looking forward to another farewell to my favourite travelmatey/cuz/friend.

(Whale shark in Donsol)

(Mt. Mayon near Legazpi)


(Coron's sunset)

(Yup, two adults in matching outfits)

(My travel mateys)

(Taal volcano)

(Natural Born Divers in Sabang. We gave them lots of pesos, they gave us lots of sweet diving.)

(Apo Island turtles)

(When four became two, this is who I scored)

(My favourite beach babe)

(This is how I feel about leaving in one week)