Friday, November 20, 2009

Field Communion

Four friends and I attempted to view the Leonoid meteor shower on Wednesday, Nov. 18. The sky was overcast as we were tetris-ing into our vehicle after midnight, but we were optimistic college students.

Armed with no defined destination other than outside the city, we headed east out of Edmonton, ending up in pock marked field south of Androssan.

The sky was still overcast with nary a star or meteor to be seen. No mater, we decided. We had three bottles of wine, an unidentified flask, chips and blankets.

Instead of pondering the wonders of the universe through meteors, we communed with one another. Actually talked and shared. For those four hours, five people conversed with one another, the field we lay in and the overcast sky that covered us. With so many disposable relationships surrounding us, it was refreshing to restore my eternal relationship with the Church of the Long Grass.

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