Monday, January 11, 2010

Backpackers Beach Hostel

Backpackers Beach Hostel in Fort Lauderdale
2115 N. Ocean Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Phone: 954-567-7275

The pleasant multi-national guests, beach location and many freebies make up for the cranky female manager who gives biased, preferrential treatment to her friends. Located on several bus routes next to a well trafficed road and a mere 200 meters from the beach, this hostel is sure to dissappoint.

The hostel is not near the shops and attractions and Fort Lauderdale's inconcistent public transit will have to be used to get anywhere useful. Older guests on long-term leases and snobby Quebecois seem to be their target audience.

The hostel was alledgedely renovated in 2007, but none of those improvements show. The kitchens are far from well-stocked, the showerheads have not seen a psi of pressure in their entire lives and the bunkbeds are rickety and unstable. Best avoided.

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