Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mind the mines in Phonsavan

The Plain of Jars outside Phonsavan, Laos was one of the eeriest sites I visited in Laos. Lying just below the surface is an untold number of unexploded ordinances (UXOs) and these are still killing and injuring the Laos people years and years after the Secret War.

(Recovered UXOs)

(Crater from bombs)

(Red is dead. Stay within the white markers and it's unlikely you'll get blown up.)

(Site 1)

(Site 1)

(View from Site 1)

(Site 2)

(Site 2)

(Russian Tank)

(Farm constructed with bombs)

After the Plain of Jars tour, I went to Hmong New Year celebrations with two new friends. Here's some bumper car action.

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