Monday, March 14, 2011

Leaving Asia

I knew it was time to leave Asia because:

Rotting trash mixed with raw sewage fumes was beginning to arouse me

I'd made it though five months without a single hospital visit

My clothes and other equipment were deteriorating and malfunctioning

LP guidebook had been used as a pillow, sunscreen, dating tool

I can sleep in bus aisles going around hairpin turns, a hostel with an en suite open-air toilet that a Rhea-stricken individual is relieving themselves in and on bags of rice next to squawking chickens

I like sleeping on bag of rice (Product of Thailand stamped on the bag) in Laos

Shaving my head (and not my legs) sounds like a good idea - and I'm a girl

I've overtaken an elephant on a shitty, dodgy push bike

A travelmatey has had a Larium-based halucination

The Rhea got me, leeches devoured me and moz have constellationed my bod

Buckets are an very acceptable unit of alcohol

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