Tuesday, May 10, 2011

(Un)packing bombs

As I call another place home, bear bangers are exchanged for quick-dry towels. Silk sleepsheets are traded for fresh caulks. Passports are temporarily put away as I search for my hidden PAL and supporting firearms paperwork. Duct tape stays out year round. Boreal plants and identifying books remember what sun is. Guide books to warmer places are stashed until needed again in seven months time.

Here's the inevitable mess of moving, packing and unpacking - however and where ever temporarily.

(Uni 2010 to Sharklab 2010)

(Orion tries on my sleepsheet prior to Scotland)

(Summer 2010 to U.K. 2010)

(London flat to Cambodia 2010)

(Chetwynd summer home 2011)

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