Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Labuan Bajo, diving Komodo, new mateys

My first day in Labuan Bajo, Flores, I won the backpacker lottery when I met hilarious Kiwi  honeymooners Simon and Vanessa.  While they kindly shouted my evening meal and beer towers, I was able to freely and fluently speak my mother tongue without butchering my English down to "Me want bed cheap."  Jumping aboard Dive Komodo's boat the next morning heavy headed, I was in for three days of spectacular and challenging diving.  

A manta winged overhead as we were descending on the first dive, we snorkeled with 10 mantas during a surface interval, sharks, octopus, nudibranches and tiny crabs all said hello as Komodo's characteristic currents carried us around.  A pop in to see the Komodo dragons on Rinca Island - which were curiously congregated under the kitchen hut at the Ranger's station - and I was Bali bound after a chance encounter with Simon and Vanessa at the airport.  Keen to spend more beers together, we booked into the same hotel in Sanur. 

 With Simon and Vanessa - note Beer Tower 1
 On the way to a dive site in Komodo National Park
 Labuan Bajo, Flores
 I'm on a boat!
 Snorkeling during our surface intervals

 I spent lots of time and rupiah aboard this boat
 Komodo style.  Curiously the lizards were congregated under the kitchen hut
 In the wild
 Sunset from my bungalow
 Seaweed drying facility next to my bungalow.  eww
Nusa Lembogan dive site

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