Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another season raises satisfaction questions

Questions and conversations of "what am I doing with myself?" and "is this industry still for me?" and "do I really want to sharing a holiday trailer with coworkers deep in the woods miles and miles from friends and loved ones?" and "are the novelty, majesty, passion waning?" have been festering this season. 

My current gig requires that I pack Big Blue with wool sweaters, thermals, crib board, a scantly used bar of soap and a coworker and I sharing a space that isn't much bigger than my uncle Frank's sailboat.  Fighting free growing blocks by day and a losing battle of furnace wars by night, personal satisfaction queries are intensifying.  

This is my fourth summer in Chetwynd, fifth in B.C. and sixth in the Peace.  A wanderer by (and of) nature, traveler by choice and up-to-now willing bush bunny, longer term factors are weighing in on potential future projections.  With only each other and, more often, our own echos for company, my fellow bush bunnies and rats are heaps of fun but I long for the warmth of lovely fella and riotous laugh of girlfriends.

Mercifully surrounded by friends, family and acquaintances who are equally unsorted, trading full-time jobs for a SCUBA tank and more interested in spending a beer together than texting, I'm comforted that feelings of searching, longing, AAHHhhhh are part of (eeekk!) being a grown up.

Anemone patens                                     Calypso bulbosa

It's May Long in the Peace.  Grab your toques and layer up with patience, determination and northern Git 'Er Dun.

Ribes triste?

It's been a while since I saw a wolf, but their sign is everywhere from tracks to scat to kills.

Coworker Colin and I saw another black bear and two of their grizzly cousins this shift by Tumbler Ridge.

 Typical offices 

The volume coming over Kineuso Falls, the Niagara of the North, is truly staggering at the moment. 

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