Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day off

Slightly hungover, all eleven volunteers piled onto a Bimini legend's 24-foot skiff with the hope of seeing dolphins and hand feeding stingrays.

Bonefish Ebby, named for his knack at catching, you guessed it, bonefish, took us north to the dolphin grounds. Jon and Elena claimed to have seen them, but those gay sharks evaporated by the time we got the boat over to the alledged sightings.

Several quarter hours later, it was clear the dolphins were in the other portal and our lack of a morning drumming circle complete with crystal consult was the reason. Disappointed, but still with a hired boat for several hours, we moored up and went for a snorkel on Bimini Road. Not fantastic by my standards, but ok and nice to finally be in the water.

A quick bait stop and we were off to Honeymoon Harbour to feed stingrays.

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