Monday, March 1, 2010

The rod scores again

Few others outside of the multi-national crew I live with at the Sharklab would be excited about the assigned task of shark fishing.

While the majority of the other volunteers had already been out barracuda trolling, this was my first time salt-water fishing. Before we were able to shark fish, first we had to secure some fresh bait - and that meant cudda trolling.

Tyler was fortunate to land one seconds after we entered our channel. It took Elena and I a little longer to get ours. Three fresh cuddas in the bait box, we headed to a known black-tip hangout.

It wasn't long until the fresh cudda lured them in. With Jim's help, each of us reeled in one black-tip, worked it up and released them.

I had a particularly tricky time getting mine. On two occasions, the sharks broke the line and made off with the hook and leaders. Several tries later, the hooks weren't setting properly and the sharks were simply getting an easy snack.

After these teases, I finally brought one up to the boat. And he was handomse!

After we each had one black-tip to our name, we resumed cudda trolling. I was thrilled when I landed the biggest one of the day!

The catches

Adrenaline running high, we mellowed out for our journey back by going through East Wells. Stunning.

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