Saturday, June 19, 2010

Delight in boreal rhythms

As the twilight lingers longer in northern B.C., my posts have been getting farther and farther apart.

I am settled into a daily routine both at work and in the house I share with three others. This house has been communal living at its best. We're all filthy-minded bush bunnies and rats that share an affinity for cold adult beverages, conversation, campfires and Creation - although they don't acknowledge it directly as Creation.

My current work partner has recently taken up photography with a keen interested in wildlife. I may not share his passion for capturing stunning photos of boreal beasts that I could feasibly fit inside should the will strike them, but I am pleased to stall and soak up the joy that he experiences from an area and industry I am deeply invested in.

Others return from the bush with tales of winching through a swollen creek, secret grow-ops far in the forest and gorgeous forked tamarack groves complete with an inner bark sample as well as bouquets of wildflowers.

The bouquets vary week to week, month to month.

Through the changing bouquets I follow and sink into the rhythms and cycles of the forest. Looking forward to perennial favourites and berry season further assures me that I am a little part of the things that I love.

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